Sea Jacket 2000

Splash zone protection of jetty pile

Sea Jacket 2000

Sea Jacket 2000 is used for

  • Splash Zone protection.
  • Pile Cap Protection.
  • pile to pile welding joint steel connection.

composed of materials that are environmentally friendly, that is:Primer Petrolatum, Petrolatum tape, and Jacket Hdpe.

This system is aimed for

  1. Stop the corrosion on the surface of the pier piles made of Steel / concrete.
  2. Provide mechanical protection on the pier piling.
  3. Adding age the use of dock piling.

The advantages of this system are:

  1. Easy cleaning at the pile, that is Manual cleaning, with only use the manual hand tools.
  2. Short Time Installation system.
  3. Material Handling Easy and Lightweight.

Catalog AK Sea Jacket 2000

Data Sheet Sea Jacket 2000

Data Sheet Enclousure

Data Sheet HDPE