Petrolatum Tape

protect corrosion of pipes and steel structures

Petrolatum Tape

Petrolatum tape is used to protect corrosion of pipes and steel structures. Petrolatum tape used with minimum requirements on the product surface preparation and can generate maximum protection with easy application and training.

Petrolatum tape is a multi-system protection against corrosion in the long term. Multi-component systems which remain permanently and flexible that offers excellent stability. Petrolatum tape is ideal for protecting pipes and steel structures at above and below the ground, so it can be applied to the hydrant pipe underground and above ground, pipe piling wharf (jetty piles), the gas pipeline. Petrolatum tape used by wraping around the outside of the pipe or steel that to be protected.

Composition :
Non Woven Stitch bonded synthetic fabric, fully impregnated and coated with neutral petrolatum based compounds and inert fillers Petrolatum based, is not polymerize or oxidize and therefore retains its water resistance and dielectric properties over an indefinite period. It is free of chemical impurities.

Physical Properties :

  • Tensile strength 45 lb/inch
  • Thickness 1,3 mm
  • Mass 1440 g/m2
  • Water Vapor
  • Permeability/24 Hrs, ASTM E96 0.12 g/m2
  • Holiday test 16 kV
  • Operating temperature -50 to +130 deg.F
  • Roll length 10 mtr

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