Cathodic Protection

prevents corrosion on the metal surface

Cathodic Protection

Cathodic protection is a technique used to control a rust or corrosion on the metal surface by making the metal surface such as a cathode. Cathodic protection is a method that always used to protect metal structures from corrosion. Corrosion control with this system is to reverse the direction of the corrosion current ( return the electrons that have break down from certain metal that are resistant or immune, so corrosion process of the metal surface may be reduced or eliminated)

The things that need to be known in the cathodic protection system that we provide is

  1. Transformer Rectifier Units
  2. Mixed Metal Oxide anode
  3. Aluminium, Zinc & Magnesium anode
  4. Carbonaceous backfill
  5. Anode, Cathode, Bond Boxes
  6. Explosion proof equipment
  7. Polarization cells
  8. Cable & cable accessories
  9. Pipeline flange insulation & isolating joints
  10. Test equipment
  11. Reference electrodes

Cathodic protection can be performed by two methods, that is using the impressed current from the electrical source, or using sacrificial anodes (galvanic action)

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