Bitumin Tape

Bitumin Tape (wrapping tape) that is applied after the base painting

Bitumin Tape

Bitumin Tape is wrapping tape that is applied after the base painting of Primer BS on the pipeline, which serves as an anticorrosion pipe.

Bitumin wrapping tape system composed from a layer of Polymer Bitumen adhesive, that powerful blended with PVC layer as the outermost layer from the system. The layer Polymer bitumen adhesive will generate adhesion and flexibility that superior to the surface of the pipe that will be wrapped, so the water / air can`t penetrate the overlap area. Meanwhile the PVC layer serves to protect the system against penetration of backfill area (land) and the chemical content in the soil.

Bitumin tape is designed specifically for tropical environment, where the temperature and the content of chemistry corrosion forming are very high.

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