Jacketing HDPE

Jacketing HDPE December 01, 2014

HDPE (Hight Density Poly Ethyline) is a carbon material that serves as a protective jacket against temperature differences, ultra violet rays and marine life. Then jacketing HDPE is a process to cover or protect piles at the splash zone area or the tide are against corrosion damage in the long term. Splash zone area is an area of highest impact of corrosion.

The process of jacketing HDPE is a part of the splash guard system. In performing jacketing HDPE, HDPE installed and tightened by a rope until HDPE is very tight and the nut can be up to the hole. The installation of screws on the nut that attached to the HDPE, it should be very tight so it will not produce a bubble.

When the splash guard system installation process has been completed, it is necessary to do the commissioning. Commissioning is operational testing of a job to make sure the job is in compliance with all applicable regulations and standards that have been set. In performing checks on process of jacketing HDPE, the things to be consider is the thick and length of HDPE.

We as a company specialized in the field of corrosion prevention, we provide products SEA JACKET 2000 to be applied to the process of jacketing HDPE. Our experienced engineers can provide a full design service for your application. By reference to client supplied and recognised international standards such as NACE, to develop cost effective solutions to ensure that your requirements are met in full.