Steel Pile Protection

Steel Pile Protection November 01, 2014

Steel is a metal alloy or iron as the base metal with several other elements, including carbon. The quality of the steel can be obtained by varying the carbon content and other elements. Carbon is useful as a hardener in steel elements by preventing the dislocation in order not to shift the crystal lattice (crystal lattice) iron atom. In modern times, the steel is classified based on the quality standards agencies.

Iron can be found in the earth's crust only in the form of ore. Usually in the form of iron oxide ore. Iron ore is extracted so that the content of oxygen atoms in it can disappear, then combined with other atoms such as carbon. Some material was also added to steel to obtain desired characteristics or qualities.

In the prevention of corrosion, chromium is added to steel surfaces to form a hard oxide. Steel that has been added with chromium, known as stainless steel. Steel is a metal that is easily corroded. The resulting of iron rust, is a solid reddish-brown that is brittle and porous. The impact of corrosion is very costly, so it is important to take precautions of corrosion on steel. Prevention of corrosion on steel that has not been added with chromium, can use a cathodic protection system. Cathodic protection system used to protect metal structures in a variety of environments. Currently, the cathodic protection system is widely used in the ground and water, steel or pipelines and tanks, steel piles. Prevention on pipes and steel structures can use our products is petrolatum tape and wrapping tape . Petrolatum tape is ideal for protecting pipes and steel structures at above and below the ground. Petrolatum tape used by wrapping around the outside of the pipe or steel that to be protected.