Corrosion Prevention on Jetty Piles

Corrosion Prevention on Jetty Piles October 01, 2014

Corrosion is one of the important issues that will face a wide range of industries, especially shipbuilding industry. Costs that will be required due to corrosion is very large. Therefore, corrosion will occur must be controlled and overcome. Control and mitigation should be carried out effectively, especially on the means of supporting production in such extreme environmental conditions with high levels of CI, H2S, O2, H2 high and other conditions, in order to operate more effectively, efficiently and optimally. Corrosion can only be controlled or slowed due to corrosion including electrochemical reactions that are natural and lasts by itself. By doing prevention against corrosion, the corrosion process will be slowed down.

On a bridge that was built using steel can become brittle due to corrosion. Factors that cause corrosion can be divided into two, namely that derived from the materials used and are derived from the environment. Factors derived from the material covering the purity of materials, structural materials, forms crystals, trace elements present in the material, mixing techniques and materials so forth. While the factors of the environment include air pollution levels, temperature, humidity, presence of chemicals which are corrosive and so on.

Several methods can be used to prevent corrosion is to paint coatings, cathodic protection , methods of ICCP, and others. Prevention of corrosion on the bridge can use one of the products we have the sea jacket 2000 . Sea jacket 2000 used to coat the jetty that is on the bridge. Jetty piles will be coated with several layers, thereby reducing corrosion caused by environmental factors such as air pollution, sea water, and substances chemicals that are corrosive. So that corrosion will occur on a jetty piles will slow down. Examples of using sea jacket 2000 on jetty piles can be seen below.
sea jacket 2000 on jetty piles